Revolve Ambassador | How to Sign-up As Revolve Ambassador

Alan VanToai

January 24, 2023

Revolve is a fashion eCommerce brand that sells hundreds of different brands and in-house brands in one place. Revolve has made a name for itself recently and is a place for fashion lovers to discover new brands, shop their favorites, and find interesting pieces from different designers all within one platform.

Like ASOS, Revolve's customers enjoy the platform for its wide selection of products, with new products dropping weekly.

Revolve has leveraged ambassador and influencer marketing to become a significant player in the fashion industry, grossing an average of $600 million in sales annually.

This article will examine Revolve, how they have blown up in recent years, and how they utilize ambassadors and influencers to grow its brand.

By the end of this article, you will learn how to become a fashion brand ambassador!

What Is Revolve?

Revolve was founded in 2003 by two friends, Michael Karanikolas and Michael Mente. They started the brand around the time of the dot com boom before many people knew that eCommerce would become a strong force in the fashion and retail industry.

Since then, the company has exploded partly due to Revolve's innovative strategy of leveraging social media and working with influencers to generate brand buzz and promote their brand online.

Taken from an article from the LA Times:

Revolve went public in June of 2019, where shares opened on the New York Stock Exchange at $25.16, almost 40% higher than the $18 asking price.

The company was valued at close to 1.5 billion when it went public in 2019. Now, the brand is more prominent than ever.

Revolve has a robust influencer marketing strategy. They worked with everyday customers and turned them into their influencers.

For example, the brand hosted a Coachella party for many influencers and content creators to attend. The event was a content creator's dream, as the brand set up many aesthetically pleasing areas for influencers to snap pictures in their favorite Revolve clothing.

Revolve's community is committed and incredibly passionate about the brand, fashion, and trends.

This is how Revolve has created an effective influencer marketing strategy. They lean on their customers and work alongside them.

Revolve launched a brand ambassador program with tremendous success, and it has played a pivotal role in the brand's growth and notoriety on and off social media. Their innovative brand ambassador program helped turn their customers into their marketing assets and essentially traded UGC for free products and commission.

And their brand ambassador program has helped the brand gain dynamic data insights and aided the brand in generating incremental net sales.

What Is a Revolve Brand Ambassador?

Revolve relies heavily on influencers to grow its brand. When influencers started gaining traction around 2015, Revolve worked with a group of around 3,500 content creators, influencers, and models to grow their brand.

The Revolve brand ambassador program overview is as follows:

  • Sign up on the Revolve website. The brand has customized landing pages dedicated to its program.
  • Start posting on social media and fulfill your posting obligations.
  • Receive commission or free products for your participation!

The brand leans heavily into the social sharing process. The brand will ask you to create user-generated content with Revolve products if you work with Revolve. The more followers you have, the better contract you will get.

How to Become a Revolve Brand Ambassador

The best way to become a Revolve ambassador and get involved in Revolve's brand ambassador program is to head over to their website and apply.

Revolve has customized landing pages on its website dedicated to its ambassador program.

If you are interested in joining the Revolve brand ambassador program, head over to the company's website and learn how to sign up for the program.

What Are the Perks of Being a Revolve Ambassador?

There are some excellent brand ambassador incentives that Revolve offers its partners.

Revolve's brand ambassador program can offer great perks for influencers, especially those interested in fashion and getting the hottest looks.

Revolve ambassadors can earn great perks, mainly cash or credit, for sharing their content and generating sales.

Most influencers and ambassadors create an average of 7 posts and receive between $500-$800 in store credit.

Plus, the company offers some exclusive incentives that can excite any fashionista. For example, brand ambassadors for Revolve can earn free clothing for posting photos or videos on social media.

You might also get early access to new brands or collections on Revolve. For example, the Revolve Capsule collection was launched as part of the Revolve festival campaign, which offered buyers festival looks under the Revolve brand.

Influencers and ambassadors could shop the Revolve Capsule collection just in time for festival season. They even got early access to the collection.

Revolve hosts exclusive brand ambassador events. An example of this is the mini-festival they hosted during Coachella.

It was the perfect plan for the brand, so they created the Revolve festival, which the brand hosted during Coachella. They utilized influencer marketing by gifting tickets to the mini-festival to influencers in exchange for purchasing $500 worth of clothing on the website.

During Coachella, many influencers and ambassadors dressed in their favorite Revolve clothing, attended the festival and enjoyed a fun day.

The best part? Influencers got to show off their Revolve clothing, and the company got tons of content for social media.

This is an example of the brand ideation that has become synonymous with Revolve. They utilize an intelligent influencer marketing strategy to help differentiate from the crowd, which allows them to connect with a broader audience.


The resolve brand ambassador program is a great entry point for creators passionate about fashion and who enjoy creating content online in exchange for commission or free clothing.

If this sounds good, head to the Revolve website and sign up!

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