Things to Know About Maker's Mark Ambassador Program | How to Become Maker's Mark Ambassador

Alan VanToai

January 10, 2023

There are many popular bourbon brands: Wild Turkey, Evan Williams, Jim Beam, Four Roses, and Buffalo Trace.

But none are as classic as Maker's Mark. Maker's Mark is a favorite bourbon brand amongst Kentucky Bourbon fans. That is why people often say Maker's Mark is the best bourbon on the market.

The brand has a history of making high-quality bottles of bourbon at a decent price.

Maker's Mark distillery, located in Kentucky, offers tours, tastings, and the chance to have a fun trip to visit your favorite large batch distillery. That is why it is one of the most visited distilleries in Kentucky.

But did you know that Maker's Mark has an ambassador program? The Maker's Mark ambassador program is selective and exclusive but can offer many unique benefits to bourbon lovers.

Whether you like your bourbon neat, on the rocks, or in a mixed drink, there is a spot for you in the Maker's Mark ambassador club.

In this article, we will get into all the details of the Maker's Mark ambassador program and show you how you can join the party.

If that sounds cool, then keep reading to learn how to become a liquor brand ambassador!

What Is Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark is a small-batch bourbon whiskey brand. The brand set up shop in 1958 in Loretto, Kentucky.

The bottles are 45% alcohol by volume and are sold internationally. The brand is known for its iconic dipped waxed red seal. Dipping the seal in red wax gave the brand a unique edge and helped its bottles stand out.

Maker's Mark produces around 24 million bottles yearly, which they sell around the U.S., earning the brand approximately 21 million in revenue annually.

Maker's Mark takes a different approach in creating its bourbon because the brand uses red winter wheat, corn, and malted barley instead of rye. This gives Maker's a unique flavor and sets them apart from the competition.

Maker's Mark is barrel aged for around six years. The bourbon is only bottled once their tasting team determines the taste and quality are ready for the market.

You can visit the distillery, check out the barrels, purchase bottles, check the tasting room, and hit the gift shop. On the distillery tour, you will learn how to create and age the bourbon, and the friendly staff will explain the aging process in the barrel.

When you visit Maker's and take a group tour, you can learn all about the history of bourbon, their process for making large batch bourbon, and how they bottle and seal their bourbon.

Does Maker's Mark Have an Ambassador Program?

Maker's Mark does have an ambassador program! The brand is looking for ambassadors to join its fun program full of awesome benefits.

At a quick view, an ambassador for Maker's Mark will be responsible for creating content and helping to spread the word about one of Kentucky's finest bourbon brands.

Brand ambassadors can get a free trip to the distillery, free gifts, access to exclusive discounts, and a lot more. We will cover the benefits of being a Maker's Mark ambassador later in the article.

It doesn't cost a thing to be an ambassador. It is free to join the Maker's Mark ambassador program. You can sign up for the program directly on their website.

What Does a Maker's Mark Brand Ambassador Do?

Maker's Mark takes a different approach to its brand ambassador program. Unlike other classic ambassador programs, the payment or rewards you receive from the program aren't based on how many times you post on social media about Maker's Mark.

Instead, Maker's Mark takes a more classic approach to its ambassador program. They swap a post on social media for your participation in branded events or for you to use word-of-mouth marketing to help Maker's reach more people. (but the brand won't be mad if you create content for social media and tag them)

Maker's Mark isn't too open with their ambassador responsibility, but the mystery is part of the appeal. You will get more access to your role and responsibility as an ambassador once you have signed up for the program and are a community member.

What it seems, though, is that Maker's really wants to grow a community of bourbon enthusiasts and bring together people that share a common love and passion for Maker's and Kentucky bourbon.

They aren't focused on how many followers you have on your Instagram account. But instead, the brand accepts people into the program that have tried Maker’s Mark, tasted and appreciated the brand, and want to work alongside them to help them grow.

What Are the Perks of Working for Maker's Mark?

You get some awesome perks for being a Maker's Mark ambassador. Here are some things you can look forward to if you become a Maker's Mark ambassador:

  • You will get your name on a barrel of Bourbon - One of the coolest perks is getting your name on a barrel. Maker’s will give you a barrel number (your barrel!) You can tour the distillery and see your barrel on-site. Then, once it is fully aged, you will get a bottle from your barrel!
  • Free tour with your fellow ambassadors - a great way to meet other ambassadors and get to know community members!
  • Free Christmas gift each year! These Christmas gifts change each year, so don't expect the same gift twice!
  • Invites to exclusive events - Maker's will inform you about exclusive ambassador events you can attend throughout the year.
  • Exclusive discounts on bottles.
  • Ambassador app - After signing up, you will be invited to make an account and connect with the community.
  • Welcome kit - has all of the info you need.

How to Become an Ambassador for Maker's Mark

Ready to sign up to be a Maker’s ambassador? The best way to do so is to head to the Maker's website and visit the ambassador section.

On Maker's website, you'll find all the information you need to sign up to work with the team.

Maker's Mark FAQ

You might have a few follow-up questions about Maker's Mark. We rounded up the most asked questions about the brand and researched the answers for you!

Is Maker's Mark Top Shelf Bourbon?

Classic Maker's Mark is considered mid-shelf. But Maker's Mark Cask Strength is typically seen as a top-shelf bourbon based on its smell, taste, and the process of aging in the barrel to being bottled.

How Much Does a Barrel of Maker's Mark Cost?

Are you curious about how many bottles of Maker's Mark are in one barrel and how much a personal barrel costs?

According to the Maker's website, each barrel yields around 240-750 ml. Each barrel yields around 185 bottles of bourbon. The suggested price per bottle is $69.99, which means the cost for a private select barrel is around $13,000.


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