How To Build An Engaging (and Gamified) Crypto Community Ambassador Program

Alan VanToai

April 11, 2022

A strong marketing strategy is crucial for new projects in DeFi to thrive in a constantly changing market. New crypto communities and DeFi projects are popping up weekly, making it a challenging market to grow in.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Whether you are a new crypto brand looking to grow your community or a veteran project looking to scale, this blog is for you. Today, we will discover how starting an ambassador program and working with crypto content creators can help your brand strengthen its position in a saturated market.

Let's hop into it!

What's a Crypto Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person that works directly with your brand to help advertise and promote your brand both online and offline.

A brand ambassador will help represent your brand and will often embody the ethos of your brand.

Brand ambassadors specialize in word-of-mouth marketing and help to generate more buzz and brand recognition.

A crypto brand ambassador will help your crypto project gain more traction in the DeFi space by helping educate novices and enthusiasts about your brand's initiatives.

What Do Crypto Brand Ambassadors Do?

Crypto brand ambassadors will help you strengthen your community relations and foster a richer sense of engagement by helping you grow your community to new heights.

How do they do this?

By creating content specifically around your crypto project. Crypto ambassadors aid in building trust, which is crucial when it comes to a product that involves financial investment. Potential ecosystem members want to trust that their investments pay off and don't fall into a scam.

By leveraging crypto ambassadors, you will be able to promote your crypto brand as stable, secure, and trustworthy, helping to influence potential crypto enthusiasts to learn more about your brand.

Why Is Crypto Marketing Important

As of March 2022, there are over 18,000 reported cryptocurrencies, making the crypto market rife with competition. This means that it's harder for new crypto projects to come on the scene and land mainstream success.

Having a solid marketing strategy for your crypto brand is so important because it will help you cut through the noise and gain notoriety in a saturated market full of growing ecosystems.

That is why many crypto projects turn to online communities to help them grow and gain popularity amongst investors in decentralized currencies.

Marketing Strategies for Crypto Brands

Crypto marketing strategies are different from those of traditional eCommerce marketing strategies. This is because, often, crypto communities live on different corners of the internet than conventional eCommerce customers.

Crypto communities live on Discord and Telegram and get their news from Medium and Twitter. So communication with these communities is much different from an apparel or beauty brand.

Information travels quickly in the crypto community, and most advocates or enthusiasts and constantly dialed in, ready to learn about a new project or investment opportunity.

So marketing your crypto brand looks different.

Some of the most popular marketing strategies for crypto brands include:

  • Networking on LinkedIn
  • Grow and engage on Twitter
  • Publish on Medium
  • Host bounty campaigns
  • Do an airdrop
  • Interviews on YouTube and podcast
  • Start an affiliate program
  • Create a Telegram and discord community
  • Working with content creators on TikTok and YouTube
  • Keeping your audience interested with Substack
  • Start an ambassador program

What Is the Best Way to Market Your Crypto Brand?

We might be partial, but we have seen many crypto brands mobilize their online community of crypto enthusiasts and content creators and turn them into their team of ambassadors.

Ambassador marketing and crypto influencer marketing are among the best strategies your project can use to connect with a broader audience, both novices and experts alike.

On CrewFire, one-third of our total accounts have been in the crypto space, and their programs have blown up! These brands have easily scaled their program from under 100 ambassadors to 1,000, sometimes more.

Hosting an ambassador program for your crypto project is a surefire way to bring your community onto one central platform and allow them to help you gain more visibility and traction in a highly competitive market.

The best part? There is never a lack of passion from crypto brand ambassadors. They are community and brand advocates that will help take your crypto brand to the next level.

How to Start an Ambassador Program for Your Crypto Community

If you are a crypto brand looking for a more genuine way to connect with your community, you should consider starting an ambassador program.

By mobilizing your community and rewarding them for helping you reach new potential community members, you will be able to scale up your project and become a more renowned name in the DeFi space.

Starting an ambassador program for your crypto project is easy and can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Plan your program - Are you going to work with your general community or crypto content creators with a more significant following? Plan out the details before you kick off the program.
  • Define your KPIs - How will you measure the success of your program? Plan out the metrics and KPIs that will help you define what success looks like and can help you identify areas of improvement.
  • Reach out to your community - Start recruiting! Get in your Discord or Telegram communities and start searching for qualified applicants directly from the source.
  • Decide what activities to have - Activities are essential for an ambassador program, so planning out how you will mobilize your schedule and setting up these activities is critical before launch.
  • Plan your rewards - Figure out the token exchange in points, and think of other experiences you can offer ambassadors. Rewards help peak ambassadors' interest and keep them motivated for the long run.
  • Launch, monitor, and keep scaling - The first few activities and ambassadors you bring on at the start of your program might not be what you maintain for the long run. Keep pivoting until you find what works with your ambassadors, monitor their activity, and start scaling once you have your program dialed in.

Best Activities for Crypto Brand Ambassadors and Content Creators

Crypto ambassadors vary from traditional ambassadors that work with eCommerce brands in fashion and beauty. In addition, the way that crypto communities transmit and receive information is different.

So crypto brands are left in a unique position where they need to figure out the best way to ignite the fire in their ambassadors to help them gain more notoriety in the DeFi space.

We have worked with various DeFi projects here at CrewFire, and while each program looks different, some activities just stick.

Some of the most popular UGC and submission activities for crypto brand ambassadors include:

  • Writing content
  • Engaging with Twitter content
  • Create TikTok and YouTube content
  • Create medium article
  • Article translation
  • Writing reviews or giving ratings - app, google play, chrome store
  • Join Telegram or discord community
  • Guide, how to, explainer content


Hungry for more proof that an ambassador program CAN help you scale your crypto project? Then check out our MantraDAO case study to see how they leveraged CrewFire to scale and grow their community to new heights!

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