6 Reasons Why You Need CrewFire to Scale Your Ambassador Program in 2022

Alan VanToai

January 7, 2022

There are an abundance of SaaS platforms out there that focus on ambassador and influencer marketing. So we know that it might be difficult for DTC brands to know which platform will be the best fit.

If your marketing and community management team are wondering which platform is right for you regarding ambassador marketing, then take a look at some of the six incredible benefits we offer brands that partner with CrewFire.

2022 is here and now is the time to start planning your ambassador marketing strategy. So let's kick off Q1 with a bang and show you why CrewFire is the one-stop-shop for all of your ambassador marketing needs!

Boost in Instagram and Twitter Engagement

With CrewFire's built-in Engagement Activities, your ambassadors will get an alert each time you post, and they will like, comment, and retweet your newest content in exchange for points.

Each time you post, ambassadors are alerted via email or SMS with a link that redirects them to your Instagram or Twitter. Ambassadors are incentivized to engage with your content in exchange for points to put towards rewards.

These likes and comments are genuine, as they are coming from the people that love and support your brand most. The points are there to get them to engage with the content as quickly as possible so that your posts will see a boost in engagement and reach.

We have seen brands receive a 200% increase in engagement since utilizing engagement activities in CrewFire!

Vitae Apparel Generates $233k in Referral Sales, Over 25k Pieces of UGC, and 37k Instagram Engagements in 12 Months with CrewFire

Read how they did it

Easy-to-Use Affiliate Tracking and Custom Coupon Codes

Our platform allows you to arm your ambassadors with a unique coupon code that they can use to generate sales and earn more passive income.

What makes us different is that we don't just do affiliate marketing. Instead, we are an all-encompassing, one-stop solution where you can host your affiliate program while also rewarding your crew of ambassadors for creating UGC, sharing content, and engaging with your social content.

You also have the option to create event coupon codes. You can provide your ambassador with a unique, limited amount of time coupon code with a higher rev share and discount attached to it.

This is great for Black Friday, New Year, or any other time your brand has a special event going on that you want to get a boost in sales.

Centralized Location for Collecting UGC

Forget the spreadsheets! With our platform, you will have one centralized location for all user-generated content that your ambassadors create.

With CrewFire, we offer a specific activity type called "Submissions/UGC." This Activity type allows your brand to get creative and make different UGC requests that ambassadors will complete in exchange for points. You can get creative here and prompt your ambassadors to do just about anything! Give them clear instructions and let them get creative.

All of the content will be listed under each activity with an easy download button so that you can repurpose your favorites!

Community Forum to Connect with Ambassadors

At CrewFire, we put a significant emphasis on community. In our eyes, you can't have a thriving ambassador program without a thriving community.

In CrewFire, you will have access to your own private community forum. In this forum, you and your fellow ambassadors can get to know each other and build a relationship all-around your brand and your shared values.

Ambassadors are free to comment and react to other community posts and engage in conversation with one another.

Brands not on CrewFire often have to juggle between private Facebook Groups, private Instagram Communities, and email, whereas, with CrewFire, you can host all communication directly in-app.

Completely Customizable Reward Section

With our platform, you can create a reward store full of incredible rewards that ambassadors can redeem in exchange for points.

Many brands give ambassadors the chance to snag free merch, discounts, gift cards, and experiences, such as a night out with the team!

Having a customizable rewards feature in CrewFire means that your brand can write the script and tap into exactly what motivates your ambassadors to complete activities, stay engaged with the program, and grow alongside you.

Rewards are easy to redeem for ambassadors and easy to fulfill for brands!

High-Touch Onboarding and Dedicated Account Manager

As SaaS companies scale, onboarding can become a little less personal and a lot more automated.

But with CrewFire, we still believe in a high-touch approach. So when you sign on to partner with us, you also get a dedicated account manager who will help you with ambassador program best practices, set up with CrewFire and ongoing maintenance.

We also love hearing your ideas for feedback and feature requests, and we try to implement the majority of recommendations from our customers.

We build for you!

Your account manager is happy to hop on a call or talk via email anytime you need support.


Ready to turn your customers into your team of thriving ambassadors? If so, check out CrewFire's epic demo video to see how you can drive more referrals, word-of-mouth, and user-generated content for your Shopify store.

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