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The Ultimate Guide to Brand Ambassador Marketing

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June, 2020. Bethesda, MD.
In the age of social media, organic reach for brands is plummeting, bids for paid ads are spiraling upwards, and word-of-mouth reigns supreme.

In this paradigm, brand ambassador marketing provides a powerful and effective alternative to traditional advertising methods for brands looking to cut through the noise and reach more people online.

Brand ambassadors programs can be incredibly effective, but to do it right, it helps to have a framework and strategy in place to succeed.

This book provides that framework.

The insights shared in this book were gleaned from over 15 years of direct experience working first as a brand ambassador, then managing brand ambassador programs, and finally building multiple tools and products that have helped over 1,500 brands work with over 500,000 brand ambassadors in the US and around the world.

Through this experience, I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of community-driven growth, and have had the pleasure and privilege of empowering thousands of brands to build and mobilize their own communities of brand ambassadors to help them reach more customers, promote their content, and grow into amazing businesses.

I’m excited to help you along that journey as well.

Let’s build.

Alan VanToai
Founder & CEO -

About The Author

Alan VanToai is a Vietnamese-American software entrepreneur who has spent most of his entrepreneurial career building software that helps teams and communities work, communicate, and grow together.

He’s the founder of (a brand ambassador platform) and one of the co-founders of (a power messaging app for teams and communities).

In addition to CrewFire and Telefuel, Alan has founded and sold two other successful startups at the intersection of business and community, with (a reporting tool for street marketing teams), and (an analytics, anti-spam, and administration tool for chat communities).

Before starting his own businesses, Alan cut his teeth working in street teams, brand ambassador programs, and marketing for many of the largest brands, music festivals, concerts, and artists in the United States including Red Bull, Virgin Mobile, Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, and many more.

It was from his experiences working first as a brand ambassador and later managing brand ambassador programs that Alan would later start SimpleCrew and CrewFire, and ultimately lead to the insights shared in this book.

Business and entrepreneurship aside, Alan is passionate about self-development, personal growth, travel, and fitness.

About CrewFire

CrewFire is the leading brand ambassador management software.
With CrewFire, brands are empowered to build and grow a community of brand ambassadors to help them reach more people, promote their content, and grow their businesses. 

The CrewFire platform includes everything brands need to build, manage, and grow a thriving brand ambassador program, including customizable sign-up forms, an ambassador directory, SMS and email broadcasts, a points & rewards, and a variety of powerful campaign types through which brands can mobilize and reward their brand ambassadors for helping the brand drive more traffic and sales from social media and beyond. 

This recent case study shares how PragerU, an independent media company, leveraged CrewFire to generate over 110,000 social media posts and drive over 51M impressions on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, helping PragerU grow to over 2.4M subscribers on YouTube, and an average of 1-3M views per video. 

To learn more, you can visit, or request an invitation at

Table of Contents

Part 1: What is a Brand Ambassador?Part 2: How to Recruit Brand Ambassadors.Part 3: How to Motivate or Pay Your Brand Ambassadors.Part 4: How to Manage a Brand Ambassador Program.BONUS: How Red Bull Manages Its Brand Ambassador Program.